Monday, January 28, 2008


This is where I want to take my photographic experience to. I have been researching a lot about photographers around the world who shoot what ultimately matters. Jame's photos are very familiar to me, I have seen his work and learned a lot from how he shoots. His images bring out emotions inside of yourself you didn't even know were there. Becoming a field photographer is something I would love to do. It is a very dangerous job, however I feel it is vital to show our ignorant world what needs to be addressed and taken care of. Some images that struck me the most were the two soldiers crying at their friends grave, as well as the images from Darfur and South Africa. How can we know what is really going on around the world if it weren't for the ones like James risking their lives to go out and shoot the real world. I would love to choose a topic after this semester, such as famine, and go around the world documenting it. Helping others is what life is all about, and if my photography can show someone how they can help, then I am doing my job. This work really inspires me and I will go out and do this type of work some day.

post numero dos

On the website blurb, I checked out many previews for fine art photography. I came across a bunch that were sub-par, but a few really caught my attention. The book Places and Faces by Ross Buchanan has some really colorful landscape photos in it. Ross has taken some really good reflection pictures. Other books I viewed were Being There by Justin Borucki. This was a collection of photographs from concerts and venues all having to do with music. The book showed images of bands such as Rancid, Lenny Kravitz, Sonic Youth, and Redman. Most of the work on this site seems pretty amateur, mostly just a lot of photos from family trips and what have you. You really have to search to find some good work. Other work that caught my eye included work by Mark Weverling.

post numero uno

hey there guys and gals, i am eric christopher warner. I was born in santa ana april 03 1985, 10 lbs. 6 oz. booya. I live in oceanside with some other surf rats. I shoot a lot of photography, you can peep some of my work at I look forward to expanding my work to include plant photography, this should be a rad class. peace.